Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get Elapsed Time

Oracle APEX application is blazingly fast. Its' performance can be negatively effected by poorly written queries. To optimize application performance, you can use few substitution strings to see elapsed time for rendering each region in a page. This helps in pin pointing long running regions and tuning queries behind them.
Objective: Display execution time for Search Person region in Person Details demo
Substitution strings used are
#TIMING# shows elapsed time in seconds used when rendering a region. This includes time to render region items as well.
#TOTAL_ROWS# displays total number of rows retrieved by SQL query
#ROWS_FETCHED# shows the number of rows fetched by APEX. It shows page size if total total number of rows is greater than pagination rows.
#FIRST_ROW_FETCHED# and #LAST_ROW_FETCHED# display the range of rows displayed. It depends on number of rows defined for pagination.
Using above strings, you can display a custom message like Fetched #ROWS_FETCHED# rows of #TOTAL_ROWS# in #TIMING# seconds in region footer. Please note than these substitution strings only work for region.
Steps to implement the above message in Search Person page.
Edit region Search Person. In Footer, enter the message Fetched #ROWS_FETCHED# rows of #TOTAL_ROWS# in #TIMING# seconds

Apply changes. Run the application
After the changes, you can see the custom message below the region. This message can be used for debugging purposes for the regions in a page.

URL for the application:
Person Details application can be accessed using the url

Apex Oracle

type ur summary here
As required by the company, we start to program with the Apex (Application Express) in oracle.
already worked with it for long time. and use the ExtJs to do the job.
This week I just turn from VB to this tools completely.
type the rest here

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Enid Yan

Enid ,the first girl broke the door of my heart,and from then on my heart is still stolened by her.
Recently I found that she already found her true love.So that's enough.I know she is happy!
Though I can not besides her everyday, I feel happy with a little sad.That's really strange and conflictive. But it is true ,it is said that if you really love the girl just let she happy instead of besides of her always.
That means let her go ,set her free as well as let yourself go and let yourself feel free of love.
Years ago,I do say I love you,but 2 years later I will say just fly your way.
I don't want to in someone 's way , I will also enjoy it myself, though tough though hard though bite.
Yan , Sorry , so long I can not get the way you lead,and I don't think we can have a long way to go hand in hand.

The day you said that You want to move out of the house , You will give 2 of us much more time to get self cool down.But I think I still enjoy the single life only.

No girls no cigerates no friends at all.I think I need time and room to let me clear about something ,the future ,5 years 10 years...... and so on.

Sorry , I think I won't in touch with you for a while.....Good night , I know you are tired , I also ..but not because you , my own problem....

Music is on, but my heart is still coollllll..........

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Money is Not The Problem

2 month after I lost my own 16,8000$ in my own business, it seems a big money for me.
But the lost help me to know that money is not important , the most important thing is that how to use your money to earn much more money.--The ecnomic rules tell the people that , If you have one coin you can make it as your principle and invest it into business , then you can have 2 more 3 more .. it is not magic , and the problem you have to suffer and afford the risks that you will lost all of your money or most of your money .

But someone earned money by write the Blog , but seems it is hard for Normal People to earn money by Writing.Only when you have something special to tell the other people ,otherwise, you can rise the interests on the people who are interested the draft .

For example that the people interest in writing on blog, that because it can bring them the money . And If you write something on this Topic , they read your blog time and time to find out
the way that you did to earn.And by copy or by improving your method to make their money their own.It seems that I want to get the Chicken and I steal the egg from the Chicken and Get to do the work instead of the egg's real owner.Some did successful , someone just got an smelly Egg finnally.

When I start my own business on the internet , that I also understead that how much I can get from it and How much it can rober me.Time , Happiness may be .. etc. it can rob it from me .And what I can get is nerious and interest. and busy .. .coz it is your money. and First Time I did a really bad work, all the money lost.Then I borrow the money from my pearents again.And I did 3 months successful.But finnally after GZ trip I lost all money again!
So that's why I Say that it bring me the troubles and nerious and busy hours ...
But I know it is money , and it is only money at all. The people living in the world just make a wonderful life is the best way to show him out.I think I may lead a life like that ,But it is funny that I have a to live a life from work in the company though I just planned to leave one month again

5M Fiber Line By China Telecom

When there is a network migeration here in the company , our IT manager had the 5M Fiber Line from the service of China Telecom, and lets (K, A and me)to have a testing on the internet effective . I tried and as well as they can smoothly opened. And the speed is so fast , and except his pc Lenovo X61 with Glasses Screen.
Nice really nice .
I just thought that if I can use that speed of network for my work, it will be a great help.

As China start the GFW rules to limited the Webs that chinese can access to.But there still are much Green Chanels for the people who should smooth access the webs that China Government forbidened.So there's requirements there's Service.So there's no limitation for those kind of needs.

And after one night's work , the network seems migerated smoothly , but still are lots of problem , in our eyes it is really not big deal.After this morning ,I know one thing as well , you should make everything ready , though you already thought that you make everything you tried and should try , but if there is still something remains , your work will be not be considered as effective work ,and it will make you feel uncomfortable and unsucessful. You should know something about chinese logic and there ideas on those kind of events.

Hope all of us can make a effective works when you think you already completed all the works.
By the way, please check everything , you can think out .And get through a testing steps or plan.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Year Eve In HK

New year in HK, planed to visit HK, in last saturday, but it rained hard in shenzhen. So i changed the plan to search around the Sun City Building in DongMen instead of visit SuiSai Wan to meet kuya ryan, it is really cold in shenzhen, so i just guess that the weather is the same in hk.

And disappointed that i missed the chance to buy the bag for my note book, One Polar, I asked Brother Ken where i can buy it, but ken told me that only can be bought in the sun city building in Dongmen and Maoye in shenzhen or Hua Qiang Road in shenzhen. But it is impossible to have a search in Hua Qiang Road..... really disappointed , but luckily that my relatives , Juan Anty she invited me to join the dinner with Steven and her. Xin Meiyuan in Che Gong Miao subway station. Really convinient for me to go to there , coz i m near the MTR in Dongmen Loajie.

Steven is coming from America and his work is to value your building and house and just give the price , when somebody are going to invest the money on that building , they are looking around the shenzhen city to buy a house for investement. And seems unluckily , they still can not find the one suitable.

As the same fate as them , i can not buy the bag in that day, also miss the chance to visit kuya, hahah , don't be angry kuya, it seems that kuya will leave to manila on next Tuesday, so i also had the plan to visit Chino's house, hmmmm really hard for me to arrange the visa for this.

Coz i only have 2 visa for hk visits. But i have to have one chance to back up. I never knows that how long i will still working in this company, i hope i can learn alot , but seems there's no other project to to , no job no updates no progress. .... bad mood when i thinking about this.... Shit......

Chance is really a miracle, that i find the one to invest my money , but the stock market meet his young age adjustment. So i already lost 1000 and more RMB in this market and waves.

I turns to exchange trading business, it will be my major business or living method in my left life period, my girl friend seems know nothing about this, i wil tell her since i got my first box of gold... A golden time is coming.

Allen got cold and ken have to stay in hospital to take care of his wife, good luck to ken, nice man and also allen, hope you will get your miss right in the coming new year.

In the next day, Juan Anty asked me to help one of her friends , to fix her computer, when i heard the problem, i knew wat coz this problem, it seems that the power of the computer is broken. I suggested that i would buy the power for it before i go to fix the computer , but Anty Juan don't think so , she was affraid that i will take a mistake disagnat, but it proved that i was right, so becoz it is new year , so the shop in china wont have business time during this time.

Hahhaah, oki doks, then the girl have to wait until the end of the new year.

On Feb 6th, I came to hk, to visit chino's house, hehe.. nice house and nice treat, we had BBQ on the flat floor upstair of his house, We had a nice afternoon, hehe.. Thank you for your invites. And i bought him a 1993 GTW greate wall wine instead of cigerates. hahhaha it will make him happy , he always a drinking bad guy, hahahhaha. and I know jeffric by that chance , a bad guy as me too , hahhaha , chino said that we looks like brother and seems know eachother for long time.

The guy asked me that where is most romantic place in shenzhen , i just answered that , any place in shenzhen he can find is nice and romantic, coz there's many romantic and bt girls in shenzhen. hahhahah , just lying don't be mad, coz in china nice people are all over the china.

Friday, December 28, 2007

open with error encountered

After install some software in my pc , when i m going to open a file with another format. It shows error messagebox "process refused."
when i checked it in the google. i found the way to fix it. shows as follow:

just create a txt file. and input the context as below into it, then save it as reg file. (*.reg)
then double click it, it will regedit the value into your regedit file.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





Then the problem will be solved. Good luck, if you also encountered this problem.Just follow the steps.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Windows cannot find the my net work place

After windows xp sp2 updated the PC can not find mynetwork place. It can Ping the PCs in the same network, but can not access the share folder by IP or PC name.
It said that the PC name was defined in Netboios. And we tried to reinstall the TCP/IP protocol
and Net shared printer & folder protocol . But it not work , then we tried to restart the service component in the machine management tools.
"computer browser"and "workstation" it shows 2250 error: "Workstation服务因2250服务性错误而停止;无法加载RDR设备驱动程序,无法加载Rdbss设备驱动程序;" --- that means that "the workstation service was stopped because the 2250 error , and can not load the RDR device drivers,and can not load the Rdbss device driver programme" that means the problem was cozed by RDBSS.SYS and MRXSMB.SYS
file. the system path is C:\windows\system32\drivers
after copied these two files from the same version of the windows XP into the problem pc , it worked.
and we restart the workstation service.
Finnally we solve the problem that the PC can not find My network place fault.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Travelling in Zhuhai

After Long time scheduled , Allen and i changed our plan, we went to ShangHai Hotel to Start our Zhuhai Travelling plan instead of stay in Bed to have a good rest.
WE prefer to have spring relaxing instead of going to Secret Island to play machine Game.On the morning of 21 Nov 2007 at 8:30 we gethered there and start the trip.But we finally found that the bus' seat is too narrow for the big guys of the company includes the HK officemate who named Michle---Funy Guy. So the travelling Agents changed another much comfortable bus for us. WE really like that one.
And after 2 hours driving , we arrived one of Zhuhai Country side Resteraunt and had our fist wired lunch there. After another 20 minutes' trip we finally see the secret Island. And piano san got excited to start her secret trip in Secret Island. But Michle and the HK Officemates found that it is too hot to play the machine games they went back to the bus in the sounds of the Chewing from the companiors.
Then after 5 minutes we finally arrived our destination --- Ocean resort Spring . And There's the beautiful waitress there infront of the gate, i think it may be the reason so many people came to the Ocean Resort Spring for relaxing . And each of us got a electric Key for the Locker inside of the bathing room. And it is really nice view inside , if you have a chance to be there , you will be much relax just have view of the building and decoration . After bathing allen and me got out of the bath room , woooo , nice view of the beach and spring pools. We can not hold ourselves to jump into the spring pools to enjoy it .To tell truth it was my first time to have such kind of the relaxing compared to the travelling near the beach. Wooo , so many girls there with bigini.
The temparature of the spring pools are different with each other. It depends on the water tempareture and wat is inside of the pools . And another Michle picked a Golden Ring in the first spring pool. Wooooo , lucky guy. (finally we found out that the ring belongs to one of the officemate of our company) .....
After hving the spring split on the back of our body and hv a break in the SanNa Room . We went out to have a try of other kind of spring pool. such as from one 48 'C pool to 20 'C pool by turns . It shows us two kind of world. you will find out the feelling by yourself if you tried to jump from a summer day into a winter day by suddenly.
And also there 's the drug spring , all kinds of the drug pool you can have try. It said that it make your body got totally relax and be good to your health.
And there's the wine pool & milk pool & coffee pool &.. .. etc.
Then we enjoy the sun bath in the sun by lying down on the chair near the beach.
After that we went to the pool with the skip ladder , it is too low that can not really release our excited sounds. And that then we tried the higher temperature pool beside that pool with the skip ladder . wooo , higher and higher tempareture .... really make our face red and body tempareture higher and higher ....
really relax after insert yourself into the spring....
17:05 we found that it is time to have food and have a break for our next destination : Dinner .
We went to the Second Floor and sleep on the chair to enjoy the sunset and the fruit provided freely by the Ocean Resort Spring company.
Allen have alots of fruits and .